Moyer, Holden

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From To Base Unit
Jun 1955 Sep 1955 Sampson AFB 4398 BMT
Sep 1955 Apr 1956 F.E. Warren AFB, WY TTY Maint School
Apr 1956 Sep 1956 Scott AFB, IL Crypto Maint School
Sep 1956 Oct 1957 Clark AB PI 6925th RSM
Oct 1957 Oct 1958 Onna Point Okinawa 6927th RSM
Oct 1958 Jan 1959 Clark AB PI 6925th RSM
Jan 1959 Jul 1959 Clark AB PI 14th Comm Sq
Jul 1959 Mar 1960 Clark AB PI 1961st AACS
Mar 1960 Aug 1962 Patrick AFB, FL 2179th Comm
Aug 1962 Sep 1964 Westover AFB, MA 18thComm Sq
Sep 1964 Oct 1965 Andersen AFB, Guam 27thComm Sq
Oct 1965 Sep 1967 Lowry AFB, CO Photo Maint School
Sep 1967 Apr 1968 Vandenberg AFB CA. 1369th Photo Sq
Apr 1968 Jan 1970 CCK Tiawan 2129th Comm Cq
Jan 1970 Jan 1971 Chanute AFB IL 3345th Tech School
Jan 1971 May 1972 Lowry AFB, CO 3423 Instructor Sq
May 1972 Jun 1975 Lowry AFB, CO Retirement

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