Crane, Lloyd

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From To Base Unit
May 1962 Jun 1963 Keesler AFB, MS ATC Radar
Jun 1963 Jun 1964 Tachikawa AB AFCS Comm Sq
Jun 1964 Dec 1964 Nha Trang AB, RVN Det 4 1964 Comm Gp
Dec 1964 Jun 1966 Spangdahlem AB, GE AFCS Comm Sq
Jun 1966 Sep 1967 Davis-Monthan AFB AFCS Comm Sq
Sep 1967 Sep 1968 Phu Cat AG RVN AFCS Comm Sq
Sep 1968 May 1969 Bien Hoa Vietnam AFCS Comm Sq
May 1969 Dec 1969 Nha Trang AB, RVN AFCS Comm Sq
Dec 1969 Dec 1971 Ellsworth AFB, SD AFCS Comm Sq
Dec 1971 Sep 1972 Suwon AB, Korea AFCS Comm Sq
Sep 1972 Sep 1973 Osan AB, South Korea AFCS Comm Gp
Sep 1973 Sep 1975 Ellsworth AFB, SD AFCS Comm Sq
Sep 1975 May 1977 Minot AFB, ND AFCS Comm Sq
May 1977 May 1978 Shemya AB AFCS Comm Sq
May 1978 Aug 1982 Mountain Home AFB. ID AFCS Comm Sq

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